Real Estate Development and Investment Expo

Making Deals Happen

Mar 20 - 21, 2024 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (GMT)

Making Deals Happen

The whole objective of the Expo is to “Make Deals Happen.”

It brings together Developers and Funders, Land & Investment Property Owners & Agents, Contractors, Professional firms, Suppliers, and Service providers.

We chose a virtual approach so we could ensure engagement from International Equity Investors and to minimise our carbon footprint; but that will not affect the scale of the Expo. There will be several exhibition halls with multiple “Deal Rooms,” an Auditorium, a Smart Networking Lounge, Funder hosted and Themed Round Tables.

The Expo is 3 events in one:

  • Real Estate Development and Investment
  • The AI in Real Estate and Construction Competition
  • The Renewable showcase event – focused on renewable energy projects and integration of renewables into Real Estate and construction. 

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About Us

The Real Estate Development Expo is being promoted and managed by a small group of sister companies:

  • Capmezz – Focuses on JV equity, and debt for Real Estate projects. We excel on complex
  • EnergyScout – Focuses on debt and equity for energy development projects.
  • TankBank – A Singaporean company which focuses on funding infrastructure such as Port Terminal storage and is the industry sector leader in events. Strong relationship with Pro-Star Capital. About us | TankBank
  • Winchester Corporate Finance – MBO, Cashflow and asset finance advisory
  • Hydrogen Private Equity – Focuses on debt and equity for Hydrogen projects.

Common Theme:

We work with a significant number Real Estate Funds, Private Equity, Private Lenders, Family Office and UHNW. We have a little black book of UK and international lenders/Investors that would impress even the largest client.

Other pending events

Nape Houston – Energyscout and Capmezz will be exhibiting at Nape in February 2024. We will be promoting a number of renewable energy projects, seeking funding from Oil and Gas companies wishing to diversify into clean energy. There will be a significant focus on Hydrogen, Battery, Solar, Hydro and some stunning new tech.

Our sponsors

Frequently Asked questions

Yes, you’ll need to fill out our registration form to gain access to the event. Please fill in the registration form with some basic information to get started.
Its means that you can request to connect with any other attendee, exhibitor, or sponsor and if that request is accepted, you can meet via instant video link or chat. For example, a Developer can reach out to a Family Office using the platform and make a pitch for JV equity. Or a Contractor can reach out to a Commercial Developer to discuss Fixed Price Contract opportunities; Or a Land agent can approach a residential developer using their Bio to inform a relevant land pitch.
You can add a Bio, Company PDF and complete the post registration info before the event. Vfairs uses auto-matching, which can help you find the right people to reach out to.

Tell us what you are looking for from the event and we will help:

We recommend that you keep Chats short and succinct and if there’s no good match after a short video call, then don’t be afraid to say you have a meeting and move on to the next connection. The objective of the expo is to make deals happen and your time is valuable – that’s one of the reasons we made this a virtual Expo.

You can also add a document showing projects which require funding - but keep this at a high level with no specific property addresses. Use your profile to attract the JV Investors and debt funders but keep the detail to the secure deal rooms.
Weve kept the registration information to a bare minimum, but we will ask you to add more detail at some point in order make the networking more effective and ensure that you achieve your event attendance objective.
It's totally open access within the Expo in terms of networking, but emails aren't shared with attendees. So, a discrete Family Office or Fund can stay discrete.
Yes, the vFairs platform is compatible with any computer or mobile device and any browser. But the experience is so much better on a Laptop or PC.
Yes, this event is completely free to attend.
The content of the event will be on demand indefinitely; however, we may make updates and changes to the platform periodically. Make sure to keep checking back in to see our newest features in action! We are developing an AI enhanced Equity and debt platform and Vfairs will act as the portal for this.
Please contact . We have two exhibitors pack available for download in the exhibitor/sponsor section. Please choose the one the is appropriate to you.
Feel free to contact Peter Hudson of Capmezz on 07383-973805. Capmezz and sister Co’s are the Expo event organisers. We will either help directly or put you in touch with an exhibitor or fellow attendee.
  • Minimise our Carbon Footprint
  • Ensure wide engagement of Lenders, Equity players, Buyers, Professionals, Contractors, Suppliers, Service Providers and buyers - including international ones.
  • It’s so much more time efficient than a physical Expo and you have instant access to data rooms for Funder diligence, land, product and service pitches and open contacts with Smart Matching.
No, it's not Metaverse or Augmented Reality. We had that option, but large-scale online events are rare in the Real Estate/ Construction sector, and we thought that was enough initially. It's simply an online Expo with 3 events in one:
  • Real Estate & Investment
  • AI in Real Estate & Construction Competition
  • Renewable Energy Project Showcase

We are using one of the world’s best event platforms, where you meet people and do deals.
No, It's a dedicated events platform hosted by US company VFairs - who are ranked as one of the best Event Managers in the world.

Contact Details

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Marketing Team


Phone: +441962393045

Need Technical Assistance?

Peter Hudson
Event Director, Capmezz Ltd


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Alistair Jury
Director, EnergyScout Ltd


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Callum Scott
Director, WCF Ltd


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