AI Competition

Invitation to present your Ai Application

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AI Competition

The competition aims to showcase innovative AI solutions that can add value to various aspects of the real estate sector, including finance, land sourcing and valuation, property management and maintenance, sales and letting, market analysis and investment strategy.

It also aims to promote those AI solutions which can be applied to refurb, conversion or new build construction which will:

  • Save cost
  • Save time
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Enhance design either functionally or aesthetically
  • Enhance site safety
  • Facilitate greater offsite production
  • Accelerate the design and application of new materials

The competition is entirely free to enter and will include those with both Operational and Early-Stage AI solutions. Each successful entrant will have the opportunity to highlight their solutions in a Deal Room and present in the auditorium.

There will also be a special category for AI which could potentially have the greatest impact on Renewable Energy projects or integration of renewables into Real Estate; and on AI enabled Robotics in construction.

AI Competition Briefing