Who will attend

Whowill attend? attendees

  • Master Developers, Housebuilders, Property Developers and Investors plus Commercial Specialist Developers seeking:
    • Funding – equity & debt
    • Land & Development Projects
    • Contractors, Professionals, Suppliers and Service Providers - for their existing development pipeline and to explore new sites and projects
  • Main, Sub and Specialist Contractors seeking their next projects and giving more depth to their supply chain.
  • Investors seeking new Equity/JV projects. Real Estate Funds, Private Equity, Real Estate Angels, Family Office, Wealth Managers, and Private HNW - they will range from London to Singapore
  • Real Estate Lenders seeking to grow their pipeline of deals.
  • Cashflow lenders seeking quality Contractor and supply chain clients.
  • Real Estate and Pension Funds seeking forward purchase or lease agreements.
  • RSL’s seeking sites, Affordable Homes Contractors, Suppliers, and Trades.
  • Suppliers and Service Providers seeking new long-term clients - Materials, Software, Off-site
  • Professionals seeking fee earning opportunities - Solicitors, Planners Architects, Valuers, Surveyors, Qs/Ms, Structural Engineers, Accountants, Wealth Managers
  • Land agents and Property Owners wishing to market their Land and income earning property to a captive audience. We are working on a way of being able to ‘pre-approve’ a number of these sites by the JV investors and lenders.
  • PBSA Managers, Estate and Rental agents seeking new build and completed contracts.
  • Buyers seeking sites, assets, Contractors, and innovative renewable approaches - private and public.
  • The attendee contact list will be open and 1:1 video or chat request is available to all Attendees, Sponsors and Exhibitors.
  • Those Real Estate Funds and Family Office attendees who do not want to wish to manage an operational “Deal Room” directly, can use the Expo screening/diligence service.